Fall in Maine at The Common Ground Country Fair

The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.
— Roland Tiangco

And boy are there lots of chances to get your hands dirty at this fair! It's a completely immersive journey into the lives and work of traditional Maine country making & farming.

The highly anticipated ushering in of Fall is always the MOGFA Common Ground Fair for Maine farmers & makers. It is held every year in Unity Maine - just inland from the oft travelled mid-coast region. I almost never get to go, even though my parents live a stone's throw in Maine terms from it because of my wedding photography schedule. But every 7 years or so, we dawn our puddle jumping boots and head north to learn about Highland cows, woolery, soap making, skull collecting, tintype photography and all kinds of other mostly unseen but still very much practices "rural living" traditions.


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