We love our children fiercely.

And they are people in their own right and have their own path to follow.
The greatest gift parents can give their children is independence. 

This is where Lumina steps in to help. Be at peace knowing we are capturing this amazing new chapter for your family.


Something for your senior...

Lumina has great modern options for the way students share today.  Custom apps, Senior "cards" to swap with friends, small albums to take to college, and fun wall art.


And something for the family...

We also have our stunning line of albums, canvas wall galleries, and framed art for your home or to give as gifts, and Graduation Announcements. We have you covered.

Why High School Senior Portraits now? Because...

50 years from now the most photographed generation in history will have no photos.

Lumina Life is on a mission to put photographs of your loved ones back in your hands and in your home. Technology is going to keep changing over the years, but an album and a print was the same 100 years ago and will be the same 100 years from now. Lumina offers the most modern and convenient ways to share right now in lock step with our professionally designed heirlooms.

Our goal for you: to treasure these images of your beautiful family for generations.