3 Reasons to Have a Twilight Photo in Your Real Estate Listing.


Whether you are a realtor or a home owner, start thinking like a savvy marketer and take advantage of professionally done twilight and sunset images for your property listing.

Here’s the top 3 reasons why.

1. Twilight photos stand out.

In today’s social media obsessed world, you only have a few seconds to get a potential home buyer’s attention. An enchanting twilight image of your home, whether it’s a multi million dollar listing or the cute 2 bedroom cottage next door, a twilight photo will stand out among the noise on instagram and online and peak a home buyer’s interest to click and see more.

2. Twilight photos employ savvy marketing.

Look at covers and “wow” shots of homes in lifestyle magazines. Why do they use these so frequently? Because they sell! Your real estate agent is marketing your home, not unlike a product for a high end company. Having a twilight or sunset image of your home will showcase your home better.

3. Twilight photos are darn cozy!

You know how a photo of a campfire or a candle just makes you feel warm inside? A well lit twilight shot of your home done by a professional gives that same feeling to a homebuyer. Warm lights aglow set against a serene evening sky will paint of picture of what it's actually like to live in the home. And those warm fuzzies from a potential buyer who will most likely never have the opportunity to see your home this way otherwise will result in a second look.


It’s not a magic bullet, and it’s not for every single home listing out there, but a twilight and/or sunset image done by a professional photographer will give your listing an edge. Think like a savvy marketing person and take advantage of all the Williams Realty Partners has to offer.

Want to learn how to get your house photo ready to WOW with a twilight photo?

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