Your Gallery!

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How this all works…

We hope you love your slideshow above as much as we did putting it all together!

We know you are excited to see your gallery page and put some of these beautiful images on your wall and in your hands with our curated product offerings. We encourage to grab a cup of tea and read our “Guide to Ordering” below before you do.

We have been helping our clients make beautiful artwork of their loved ones for over a decade. In this process and over the years we have come to learn what works and what doesn’t. Many photographers leave the process open ended and we have found that it drags on for months (and literally years sometimes!) and nothing ever gets ordered. .

We have tweaked and refined our online ordering process & policies to ensure the most pain-free and productive process possible! Some of it may be new to you, but rest assured, our policies are in place to help you, our valued client, make the most of hiring us. You hired us in order to have great images in beautiful products right?! We want to empower you and arm you with some great info! We think it will help you a ton in placing in your order. And remember Geneve and our studio is just a phone call away if you have any questions.

Lumina Guide to Ordering

  • Remember there is no minimum, and no maximum order! If you want to just order a few prints or go for an extravaganza - no judgement zone here! :) Go for it. We want you feel happy with your purchases and not pressured either way.

  • The gallery will be online for 10 days (you will be reminded 2 days before it expires). It will be available again around the holidays for 7 days. These are the only two times you will be able to place any orders. No exceptions.

  • You will receive a high resolution jpg of every image ordered immediately following the initial 10 day expiration date. This does not apply to the 7 day holiday period - you will not receive any further jpgs you order during the holiday gift period. So please order accordingly!

  • If you order a 10x10 Session Album, you will receive an entire set of complimentary high resolution jpgs on a wooden Lumina USB that includes every image from the session. We value albums a lot and think they stand the test of time more than anything other item we make. It’s quite a value!

  • The gallery will have a watermark on each photo - rest assured the watermark will be removed for your high resolution jpgs and all final products.

  • You will see many different products in your gallery “shop.” Some are single image items and some are packages where you will need to choose multiple images.

  • Sometimes we give helpful tips and instructions in the shop item. The one we get the most questions on, is when you just choose one image for a multi image product like an album or the wooden & glass boxes. Rest assured we will place every image in these items. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  • We recommend looking around at the items before placing orders. Unfortunately, our gallery lab does not save orders for later. But the great news, is that you can place multiple orders within the 10 day period and the shipping does not change.

  • We offer FREE shipping on all Albums, Gallery Wraps & Bamboo Wall artwork and also on all regular print orders. There is a small separate shipping fee on wooden & glass image boxes, mini books, and albums because they are all hand crafted from different sources.

  • Once the 10 day ordering period has ended, we may contact your with questions. Expect your artwork within 2-4 weeks from expiration date. It is all hand processed by us in our Portsmouth studio. Expect quality!

  • If you have questions, we are happy to explain our philosophy on all of this!

Some popular ordering ideas

The 10x10 Session Album

If you are going to only order one thing, we recommend the 10x10 Session Album. Why? Because not only is it a beautiful record of your family right now, but it also contains most images from the session. And importantly, it’s the only product we offer that includes the entire set of high resolution jpgs (remember, no watermark!) on a wooden USB. An album will be handed down generation to generation long after the wall artwork has been replaced too. It’s a small investment, but one you will never regret.

Set of 3, 6 or 9 Bamboo Wall Art

Our most popular options by far. These are natural, compact, and modern way to display your artwork. They don’t take up nearly as much room as the Gallery Wraps. You only need a 20” across x 40” vertical wall space to create a stunning gallery that you will smile at every time you walk by it (go measure this now on a fun wall in your house - its surprisingly small). You can also break these up into different rooms over the years as you re-decorate ior as kids head off to college dorms etc. The 9 Bamboo makes a particularly impactful wall series.

Set of 3 or 5 Gallery Wrap Wall Art

If you want to make a statement with one purchase, the set of 5 makes for a stunning wall presentation over a sofa or in a special area. Contact us if you have any questions on where and how to hang. The Set of 3 also makes for a very nice collection.