Poignant longings for beauty…these feelings are affirmed in the pleasure we take in photographs.
— Susan Sontag, On Photography

In all it's forms.


Committed to providing an exceptional client service experience and unforgettable images & artwork for your family or business.


  • commercial photography
  • custom designed in studio head shots
  • natural on location family portraits
  • commissioned in studio portrait art
 corporate/lifestyle photography

Geneve on Lumina Life...

Creating work that touches upon people’s lives now, and also ten or a hundred years from now, is both a wonderful and accidental reward of my effort as a photographer. But I do not set out to create something "timeless." I simply create honestly. Showing some truth about the beauty I long for and glimpse in front of my camera. I send it out into the world hoping it will touch others as well. I try to be present during the entire creative process - a joy that is available to us all every single day.

Lumina Life Photography was born in 2006. It is the culmination and expression of my process as a photographer. I am proud to announce our newest location in the heart of downtown Portsmouth NH.

Lumina Life specializes in capturing brilliance through one of a kind, museum crafted photography & art for individuals, families, and small businesses.