Portrait Session Details & Tips



√ WHAT TO WEAR & DO’s (see galleries on this page for some inspiration!):

  • This is less fashion shoot and more about connection! Less is more - go classic if in doubt.

  • Dress for the season. We want everyone to be comfortable.

  • Reflect your style and be yourselves! But if in doubt…go neutral or soft palettes of your favorite colors.

  • Don’t match too much, but do compliment each other.

  • Add a pop of color! Corals, rusts, greens, magenta etc can liven up a serene neutral scene.

  • Ladies: you can’t go wrong with 3/4 sleeves in warm weather.

  • Soft palette of blues, khakis, and neutrals - looks great in nature & seaside anytime of year!


  • Avoid blacks (there are exceptions, but reads like an ink spot in most photos), dark navy blues (they normally read black in photos), reds (red distracts), and all white (reflects too much light).

  • Avoid logos of any kind, kindly.

  • Avoid sneakers - wear flip flops, sandals, dress shoes, canvas boat shoes etc - or everyone go barefoot on the beach!

  • Leave phones and other bulky things in vehicle or in carryall bag - they are not flattering and will distract us all from the moment!

  • No sunglasses please.

√ WHAT TO BRING - everything is optional, don’t over plan!:

  • Feed everyone a light meal or big snack 30 minutes before session.

  • Bring water for everyone.

  • Bring crumb-less/no mess snacks - trail mix or apple slices usually do the trick.

  • Bring hairbrushes & flip flops if we need to walk and re-style

  • Bring bribes! What can you bribe your kids with? Only you know…but what has worked in past are gummi bears (or favorite non messy candy) and promises of trips to ice cream after!

  • Bring a pretty favorite family blanket - we may do a cozy impromptu family huddle!

Throw all of this out the window if you have something else in mind! You do you. :)



As you look around at the images of our clients at Lumina Life Photography - what do you see?

We strive to create images that will grow in meaning year after year.

To achieve these iconic moments we will guide you along and keep things moving toward authentic connection.

We will pepper in a couple of traditional “portraits” here and there in your session (usually early on), but the real magic for us is when you forget we are there and just start having fun. Those are the images you will want to print and enjoy for many years to come.

What we ask above all, is that you trust in our experience and unique process.
Allow us to take you on a fun portrait journey.

LUMINA LIFE POLICIES (aka, the “business” end!)

  • Creative Fee is $350 for weekdays and $450 for Saturday sessions. Fee is due upon booking to secure your date. Any artwork or albums may be purchased separately on your online gallery (more on this below!)

  • We may book sessions back to back, esp during peak seasons, so please plan ahead for parking etc and arrive promptly and ready to be photographed so we can make the most of your scheduled time slot. Text Geneve at 207-475-3000 with any questions.

  • Life happens - we get it! You may reschedule once with no fee, and $125 rebooking fee for subsequent reschedules.

  • We will post all images to your password protected sharing gallery 7-14 days after session. The full gallery will be available for 10 days so you can share and place any orders.

  • A high resolution jpg of every ordered/purchased image will be available for instant download after 10 day gallery period, and will also be delivered within 14 days of gallery expiration on a wooden Lumina USB. You may use these images for archiving, sharing, or personal printing.

  • Ordered/purchased images will be available for 7 days in late November for holiday gift ordering. Please note that no jpgs will available at this time - so order accordingly and take advantage of the 10 day initial gallery!

  • All Lumina Life Photography clients can take advantage of our bonus Holiday Mini Sessions too! Look for details via email in late October & early November. Only available to current clients!

  • All images that are not ordered will be permanently deleted from gallery.

  • If you purchase a 10x10 session album or a Set of 5 Gallery Wrap Wall Art, you will receive a complimentary wooden USB containing an entire set of high resolution jpgs from the session (every image, even if not used in album or wall gallery).

  • Due to copyright issues, please, no iphone or smart phone/tablet use during session.

  • Lumina Life Photography retains all copyrights to all images. You will have full personal printing use of any jpgs that come with your package.

  • There may be a small travel fee for any locations outside of Portsmouth NH/York Maine area.

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